ODBGScript 1.66.3

Author : SHaG & Epsylon3

Description :

ODbgScript is a plugin for OllyDbg, which is, in our opinion, the best application-mode debugger out there. One of the best features of this debugger is the plugin architecture which allows users to extend its functionality. ODbgScript is a plugin meant to let you automate OllyDbg by writing scripts in an assembly-like language. Many tasks involve a lot of repetitive work just to get to some point in the debugged application. By using my plugin you can write a script once and for all.

Download here: ODBGScript 1.66.3


One thought on “ODBGScript 1.66.3

  1. 1.66 (21 Dec 2008)
    + GOPI (Get Operand Information) to get asm operand informations (TYPE, SIZE, ADDR, DATA, GOOD)
    * Fixed OPCODE, GCI, GAPI, REF commands, ReadMemory replaced by ReadCommand (bug on Vista ?)

    1.65 (SVN)
    + BPHWC without parameter clears all hardware breakpoints (same as BPHWCALL, which could be removed/renamed)
    + BC without parameter clears all loaded breakpoints (Breakpoints Window)
    + BD without parameter disables all loaded breakpoints
    * Breakpoints saving enhanced, and saving/restore on restart.

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